You Are Here.

Welcome! Are you someone who doesn’t believe in settling for less than awesome? This business is all about YOU. Raining Glitter Coaching was founded on the belief that you are beautifully, wonderfully and uniquely made and equipped to create a life that you love so much!

Where you are now is right where you need to be. If we work together, we will get crystal clear on exactly where that is and what that means to you.

Where you are now is one thing. But where do you want to be in the future? Is it clarity you are looking for? Professional life coaching sessions could be just the thing for you! Get ready! These sessions are powerful.

Maybe you have a BIG IDEA in mind already. Or you love the thought of doing some kind of passion project. Sweet! Check out the Flying Pigs Madison. It is a unique customized accountability program combined with social support, connection, and fun.

Are you looking for something that nourishes you with less of a long term commitment? Check out the mini retreat for women coming up in September.

Listen to yourself. What would serve you in this moment?

Exhale. Pause. Go for it.


Lisa Robb, MSE, PLCC, ACC (founder of Raining Glitter Coaching, LLC)